Have you heard of Hollar.com?

Hi everyone!! I want to share a new website that I found that is amazing!! Its like shopping at a dollar store online. Well it is an online dollar store lol. As you can tell by the title, the site is called Hollar.com. I first heard about this site through a TV commercial and of course it was the low prices that prompted me to check it out. So lets get to it!

The first thing I like to do when shopping on a new site is go to their “About” section because I like to know who I’m shopping with. The excerpt from this site is:

“Hollar is the ultimate mobile destination for cool products at incredible deals starting at $1. Featuring thousands of items from toys and electronics to home, beauty and apparel – including unique curated gift and party collections – Hollar is all about the joy of discovery.”

Sounds good right? Well I have to say that I was pretty impressed with the prices on this site. I did visit a few times to shop around before I actually made a purchase. I like to add things to the cart and come back to buy them later and I have to say this is not the site to do so. Things sell out pretty fast,  so if you want it get it the first time. So I finally placed an order on August 8 and it shipped out on August 10th. My order shipped from Commerce, CA and was at my door in San Antonio, TX on August 14th. Not a bad transit time! Everything was packaged very well and the big orange box made it clear where the package was from.


So I only ordered a few things because it was more of a trial and error for me. I did order my son some superhero glasses that came well wrapped and protected. Honestly most of the order was for my son. Here is an image of what it looked like right after I opened it.


The glasses came in tact with and plenty of bubble wrap to secure them and so did his learning books. So, overall I was very happy with this order and I would definitely recommend you shop Hollar.com for great deals. Creating an account gets you 20% off one item and free shipping on your first order. There is a $10 minimum order because of the low prices of course. So, my order total came up to $11.00 for 2 Pre-K books ($1/ea), 1 Alphabet Learning mat ($2), 1 red wine face mask ($2), and a 4 piece Marvel Comics 16 oz glass tumbler set ($5).  The shipping price would have been $5.95 but I got the free shipping of course. The one item discount took off $1 from my order for a grand total of $10 for everything, including shipping. Great deal!


Have you tried Hollar.com? What are your thoughts? Do you know of any other sites with great deals that you’d like to share? Leave a comment to let me know what you think!

Thanks for stopping by and please note that I may receive a discount or credit from Hollar.com when you click on the links provided on this page.

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