My Makeup Obsession

Hi friends!! So as you can tell by the title of this blog, I want to talk to you all about my little makeup obsession and a few of my favorite brands. I’ve seriously been obsessed with makeup since I was a child but I wasn’t allowed to wear anything other than eyeliner when I got to high school. I remember being a cheerleader and watching some of my teammates putting on their makeup before the games and I have to admit, I was pretty jealous. Anyway, fast forward to 21-year-old me that wanted to wear makeup to her going away party before she left for Korea. I remember going to Walmart with my sister and best friend to buy foundation and eyeshadow and it was then that I realized that shopping for makeup would not be easy but it would be exciting.

Today I wear some high end makeup and some drugstore makeup. I’ve tried a few foundations over the years and my all time favorite so far is my MAC foundations. I use the liquid Matchmaster and Studio Fix pressed powder and the combination is perfection! Of course the price I can’t say the same for though. I’m always open to try to new things though so if any of you have suggestions on a more affordable foundation for deeper skin tones please leave a comment below. Since I’m on the subject of MAC cosmetics, lets talk lip colors. I absolutely love their selection of lipsticks and glosses. I’ve actually become a huge fan of matte lipsticks thanks to MAC retro matte liquid lipstick colors. Matte lip colors tend to last a little longer than glossy colors do for me. Again, MAC isn’t the cheapest when it comes to their makeup but I’m hooked and some other products that I have tried just don’t add up. For instance, I ordered some lip colors from Too Faced and I was SO disappointed with them. I have a few of the Melted lipsticks from them and they are all so sheer and seem watered down. I pretty much wasted my money on them but it was a lesson learned.  Below you will see a few of the liquid lipsticks that I have. The first three are from MAC, the next two are NYX lip colors that I haven’t tried yet, the last ones are from Too Faced. I’m a huge fan of lipsticks so yes I have colors that I haven’t even worn yet like the NYX ones and the Melted matte from Too Faced. The photo at the top is a few of my favorite from my collection of MAC lipsticks also.


“A girl should be two things, classy and fabulous.” -Coco Chanel

Lets move on to my next favorite, eyeshadow!! I have a little eyeshadow obsession and I have found my favorite brand that I’d like to share with you all today. My first expensive eyeshadow palette (well expensive to me lol) was the Peach palette from Too Faced and I love it because it has such beautiful neutral colors and it actually smells like peaches. So I used it for a while and then decided I needed more colors. It wasn’t long before I discovered my favorite brand eyeshadow, Juvia’s Place. Juvia’s place has inexpensive but great quality eyeshadow palettes. I love that I can buy these palettes with such a variety of colors and not only are the color selections awesome but the pigmentation in each color is unbelievable! Juvia’s place does sell other items but I have only tried their eyeshadows because they always have such good reviews. Below you will see the palettes that I have but I have not done any color swatches on any of them yet. Pictured are two eyeshadow palettes and a blush palette. The eyeshadow palettes are Zulu and Masquerade and you see the colors in them on the next picture. The blush palette is awesome too and I just might talk about it in a future review post.


So, I hope you all enjoyed my run down of a few of my favorite makeup products. I do have lots of makeup but I just wanted to touch bases with some of my favorite products. If you have any suggestions for must have products then please leave a comment below!

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