Get to “Know me”

First of all I want to say thank you to those of you that have followed me since I started my blog. I appreciate all of the positive feedback also, you guys rock! Now, let’s get to it. I want to talk to you all today about a very big part of my life, my family.

I spoke briefly about my husband and son in my introduction blog yesterday and promised to dig a little deeper at another time. So, lets start with my husband. We met about 10 years ago while we were both working at Smithfield Packing in Tar Heel, NC. I know 10 years seems like so long ago but time flies when you’re having fun.  We met when my husband was 19 years old and I had just turned 20. Soon after meeting we found that we both had goals that we wanted to achieve and they coincidentally lined up with each other. We both wanted more in life and we knew that we could only achieve our dreams by leaving North Carolina and starting a life of our own. My family was very unsupportive of our relationship but I knew what I wanted and I went for it. So, I joined the Army in 2009 and by the end of the year I was at my first duty station in Korea. My husband soon joined me in Korea and our new life began there.


Lotte World, South Korea, May 2010

We stayed in Korea until November of 2011 and then moved on to Kentucky/Tennessee. Our lives weren’t perfect but we managed to get through some of the roughest times of our lives together. One thing that we learned in our first few years of marriage is that communication is key when it comes to disagreements. The reality is that every couple has disagreements and some will be bigger than others but the only way to get anything solved is to fix them amongst yourselves. I used to be the one that ran to her family and friends with every little thing that went wrong in life but it wasn’t long before I learned that they were rooting for my downfall. I know, crazy right?! I don’t think that it was intentional but sometimes people want you to live your life by their book without giving you the chance to write your own.

Fast forward to 2013 when our lives would change forever. I left for Louisiana to go to deployment training on January 8th with all kinds of mixed emotions because I just didn’t know what to expect and it was my husbands birthday. I was excited to finally be deploying with plans of getting out of the Army soon after I returned from overseas. We got to Ft Polk the next day and started unpacking all of out things and setting up what would be our clinic for the next month. On January 10th everything was all set up and it was time to test all of our equipment to make sure everything was functional. I decided to be the test subject for the pregnancy test for some reason or another, I really don’t know what made me do it. I handed over my urine and went on with the conversation with friends as the lab tech showed the soldiers that hadn’t done the test before how it worked. My conversation was quickly interrupted with the news that I was pregnant and of course I thought it was a joke. Well it wasn’t and now me and everyone in the room knew that I was expecting and my bundle of joy would make his grand entrance in September 2013. He’s been the motivation that we have needed to continue to follow our dreams and give him the life that he deserves.


Weeks before giving birth…..

Now you know a little about myself and family! I just wanted to open up a little and tell you all a little about me before I go straight into doing reviews and whatever else that may come to mind. I enjoy life and I want the chance to share it with the world. Thank you all for reading and please feel free to ask questions!

-Veronica B.

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